Social Commerce Exchange

Surgeworks is proud to be a sponsor of the Social Commerce Exchange, a free event to learn how to use Social Media effectively to grow your business. Come learn from leading Social Commerce experts about real strategies you can implement within your company. The Social Commerce Exchange is a unique and collaborative conference format that […]

Mobile Apps Looking Forward

With the markets for mobile devices and applications growing and changing so quickly, it’s difficult to see too far into the future except to say “more.” An article from FastCompany shows that the average smartphone user is consuming 435MB each month, increasing 89% over the last year. Popular apps such as Netflix and Pandora can […]

Understanding Your Audience

I drove past this sign on my way home from work today and I laughed out loud. No, I don’t want my clothes coming back smelling like diesel exhaust! Why would anyone even ask that? On closer inspection one could determine that those are in fact signs from two different companies, a dry cleaner and […] Redesign

By now you’ve noticed our great new design and while we’re certainly loving the positive feedback we’re getting, the redesign has been about more than a drastic change of colors. For the last several years our design team has grown and flourished alongside our developers and we are happy to show off their work now […]

How to: Fresh Install of Your Dev App

So you just got a new version of your unreleased app from the developers and you want to check it out as soon as possible, right?  Most of the time you could just drag it into iTunes and sync, but sometimes they tell you need to do a fresh install.  Here’s a breakdown of how […] 2011 Reader's Choice Awards

Surgeworks has been selected as a finalist in the Reader’s Choice Awards!  These awards recognize the Internet’s most popular apps, websites and more – it’s a big honor for us and we are excited to see that some of the work we’ve done for the Catholic community is recognized and appreciated.  You can read […]

Android Marketshare Tops iPhone

Google’s Android mobile platform just stepped ahead of Apple’s iPhone among smartphone subscribers.  That’s what the latest figures from from comScore‘s mobile phone trending research are showing for November 2010.  Although both platforms trail BlackBerry’s 33.5% market share, Android jumped more than 6% to secure 26% of the market while the iPhone grew just 0.8% […]

Cool in Review

I come across a lot of clever ideas and products and most of the time I never share them with anyone, I just think to myself, “that was cool” and move along.  Well, there is something to see here!  I’ll publish additional Cool in Review posts as the ingenuity of others permits, but for now, […]

Project Managing Christmas Lights

Every year I hear from one particular client, always just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Although it's expected, it always seems to hit me by surprise. As far as timing goes, I suppose the client is right, this project does always take a little longer than I think it will – not the actual doing of the project, but the planning, adjustments and some only marginally predictable outside influences seem to make it harder than it should be.