Well, it seems that I’m mastering APNS (push notifications). Its actually quite cool and it gives you lot of potentials. The only limitation is the payload max bytes to send extra infos, but at the end, 256 bytes are enought to send a good amount of infos. 512 bytes would be nice, let’s see if […]


My brain misteriously decided to shut off, I wonder if its because I try to apply rules of abstract coding over the rules of the universe [!] clip of the day: 2010 – The year we made contact “Hal voice test”

Code cleaning

I’m always in the search of the perfect code, the one that is good to read, clean, easy to understand. Rules can be apply to it (from Apple guidelines and Google Guidelines too), but I’m never satisfacted with the results. Time to create my own coding language? Maybe… A.I. approacing ^_^ tune of the day […]


What is abstract? Code without form or a form without code? I always try to implement code that is fully dynamic, never bounded to anything, reusable, but at the end, code is always written and problems raise. Form without code, goal succeded ^_^ tune of the day Tyco “Human condition”

In the begin there was …

NSLog(@”Hello world!”); This, for many, it is the begin of everything. Well, [geekly] speacking. But I had to start with something. Coding is great, good, makes your life better, it’s like a daily vitamin pill. The downside? Permanent neck and shoulder pain ^_^ tune of the day: Kraftwerk “Computer Love”