Don’t use the word “Demo” in an iPhone app!


Last month I had an opportunity to work on a great iPhone project with winning idea. We’ve built two applications for the same project – full and lite application. After a while we finished testing and both of the applications were 99% ready for submission on the App Store.

So we submitted the applications and soon we’ve received a negative response message from Apple. Unfortunately, lite application didn’t pass revision because it contained a word “Demo”, which in Apple terms is not acceptable from the marketing point of view. Well, it would be funny if it wasn’t sad. What to say on fact that one insignificant word like “Demo” is key point to reject app? Who knows what else is prohibited… Maybe this kind of strictness is crucial to make corporation like Apple. I just hope that this small stain passes as time passes these days (very fast) because there are also many good platforms on the market that don’t have stain like this small one. No anarchy at Apple! :-)