By now you’ve noticed our great new design and while we’re certainly loving the positive feedback we’re getting, the redesign has been about more than a drastic change of colors. For the last several years our design team has grown and flourished alongside our developers and we are happy to show off their work now on our site as we already have been in the projects we’ve released for our clients. Their work is truly fantastic and we look forward to seeing each new round of work from them!

Another big change for our website is our focus on mobile development. Around the beginning of the year we decided to really focus on this area of our business. We’ve seen a lot of success and learned a great deal working with mobile apps over the past few years and we want to let everyone know how excited we are about mobile development and the possibilities it unlocks for business and consumer applications.

So our new website reflects our approach: less is more! The minimalist design represents what we’re looking to offer as a company. We don’t want to get burdened with so many different services and technologies just because we can do them; we can remove the unnecessary and focus on what best fits each our clients. We really look to boil it down to a simple and elegant solution each time and this approach is really working well.

Stayed tuned as we continue to refine our website and our offerings. We’re really excited about what mobile technologies are allowing businesses to do for people and we’re expecting to be right in the middle of it!