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Surgeworks specializes in designing and developing beautiful Apps for your iPhone or iPad. We are a global team of talented architects, designers and developers fueled by a passion for building great software. We can provide the highest-quality solutions because we know how to leverage the best technologies and methods available.

How We Work

Like most people, we like being happy. What makes us happiest of all? When your users are delighted by what we build.

By working closely with stakeholders, we ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. We demand a lot from ourselves and in return, a lot of participation from our clients. Working together we’ll create solutions that will delight your users.

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Supported Time Zones PHP, Swift, Java (Android)

We recently came across the challenge of specifying daylight saving affected time zones on a PHP based web back-end to be consumed by a mobile app on iOS and Android. We initially thought of dealing with this using the time difference in hour from either UTC or GMT, however that would not keep in account…

A Git Setup for WordPress

As I mentioned in my previous posts about how to setup git deployment on a staging and a live server for a WordPress site, setting up a repository for your WordPress site is not a complex task. Let’s review the steps to do it. First of all, you need to realize that you don’t want…

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