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Inchoo is our expert eCommerce solutions division. With our core corporate specialization in Magento development, you will be in safe hands. We are recognized professionals in the growing community of Magento developers and merchants, and proud of it. Visit Inchoo Website…

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Over 65,000 people searching for Magento related solutions end up on Inchoo’s web site every month. See what we offer and discover why.

What is Inchoo?

Inchoo was founded in May 2008. in Osijek, Croatia as an eCommerce Business Unit of Surgeworks. Inchoo’s founder, Tomislav Bilic is a senior developer with extensive experience in Online Stores. You can think of Inchoo and Surgeworks as two of a kind since the management and the development team are highly interconnected. We work together on virtually all projects, so don’t be surprised when you request a quote from us and have someone from Surgeworks respond.

Surgeworks’ eCommerce Business Unit specializes in developing eCommerce solutions using Magento as a platform for most of the projects. Recently they also started working with Shopp eCommerce plugin for WordPress which gives WordPress sites an extremely good eCommerce component. By combining these two you can have your blog, community and eCommerce solutions all under the same roof.

The great work for Surgeworks’ eCommerce Business Unit doesn’t stop with the launch of the website. Inchoo strives to establish long term relationships with our clients by helping them achieve their results with online marketing activities using several different marketing channels like PPC advertising, search engine optimization and many more.