Cool in Review

I come across a lot of clever ideas and products and most of the time I never share them with anyone, I just think to myself, “that was cool” and move along.  Well, there is something to see here!  I’ll publish additional Cool in Review posts as the ingenuity of others permits, but for now, may I present the inaugural list.

Every time I respond to a survey, I ask my interviewer where I can find the aggregate results.  None have been able to answer that question definitely, and that’s a shame because I love data, especially data that can be demonstrated clearly and quickly.  Here’s an example using data from the census (and ready for the 2010 data), by tract.  This is interesting enough that it may make the list again when the 2010 data arrives.  Respect to Michal Migurski and Stamen Design.

Census Data Visualization

Why hasn’t Apple conquered paper magazines like music albums?  It’s complicated, but really a simple question that most iPad fans are asking themselves.  The Monday Note tackles this question with a well thought response that basically boils it down to this: we like magazines.

iPad Publishing

I want to use my iPad everywhere I go, but it’s cold out!  Fear not, little Apple-ite!  You can keep your hands warm and still keep in touch!  This product reminds us again that with every great innovation they’re plenty of opportunity for supporting accessories.

iPad Gloves

Don’t tell Nike what they can’t do, because they’ve already done it.  I’m not surprised to see this from a company that has seemingly thought of everything, but I did emit an audible man-yelp when I realized what was going on – quite simply it’ s the most innovative site in recent memory and my favorite website design of 2010.

Sweet Nike Design