Google Chrome vs. Safari

chrome-091208Everyone can finally download the public beta of Google Chrome for Mac. Many could think this is a piece of software that should only appeal to windows users, since they are the most subject to be unsatisfied by their Internet Explorer standard web experience, however there are reasons for you to try out Chrome even if you’re a happy Safari user.

At least, these are 3 reasons why I’ll try it out.

1. Tabs are independent from each other. If one crashes, you kill it and all others are unaffected. Safari has something similar that kills the plug-in that is acting up, but that doesn’t protect you from buggy javascript or other types of crashes I experienced in the past (much less with the latest Safari to be honest, but it’s still a reason to try it out).

2. Optimized for Web Apps. At Surgeworks we use internally (and build for our customers) lots of great web apps. Chrome will also be likely your test environment for every app you’ll want to build for the upcoming Chrome OS. The HTML 5 support is not fully there yet in my understanding, but getting familiar with Chrome interface and rendering engine now is definitely a good idea.

3. It’s made by Google. And nowadays keeping an eye on everything they do is just part of staying on top of what’s happening in the world.