Get positive, 5 star reviews for your iPhone or iPad App with Request a Review Alert for iOS SDK

Invite your happy users to leave a review for your app, after 10, 20 or 30 days of use. An alert will pop up, similar to the image above, and the user will have the option to go to the App Store in order to leave a review, hide the alert temporary or permanently.

Analyzing how users are prompted to review iPhone apps, it seems that our apps are more likely to get negative reviews. Here’s why: a user is prompted to rate an app when he deletes it. When the app is deleted, it is pretty safe to say that the user was not satisfied with it, so the review will be a negative one. That’s ok, if the app is not good enough, other users should know that. But what about the good/great apps, the ones that you use successfully and don’t delete. Shouldn’t you be encouraged to leave a review in this case too? That review would probably be a positive one, or at least constructiv (you might say what you would like to see improved).

Solicit positive, 5 star reviews from your happy iPhone App’s users thanks to this FREE customizable Objective-C snippet!


Please feel free to leave a comment and a link to your app if you used the Request a Review Alert! :)