A taste of iLife 2011 on your iPad

While iMovie is already available for iPhone 4 and a new iPad will be presented early next year, Apple is preparing iOS 4.2 to support a full content creation suite a la iLife by adding Core Midi support.

The iPad is a great content consumption device, the next iPad focus will be social interaction (FaceTime video conferencing) and content creation through a focused iLife suite, which will include a Universal version of iMovie, a GarageBand-like app and perhaps even a better version of the Photos app, which will allow to create albums, rank and tag photos form the iPad and likely synchronize results “back to the Mac” on the main iPhoto library.

While the competitors HP, RIM and Samsung will continue focusing on taking over the enterprise market, Apple might very well “surprise” everyone by doing the most obvious thing: extend their focus on the Mac key markets into the tablet market.

All this, clearly, is just in my head: perhaps it’s just my dream of the next iPad because that is what I’d love to do with the device. I hope this is not too far from what’s in Steve Jobs head. :)

If you can’t wait to get a taste of iLife (specifically GarageBand) on the iPad, you should check out these apps:

studio.HD is a multitrack music creation app for songwriters, producers and musicians. It offers eight multilayered audio tracks (24 total tracks of playback) with recording, editing, loops and effects. All under the command of an elegant iPad touch interface.

Entrackment is an easy to use controller surface that gives you fast and accurate access to the most common used functions in Garageband. The majority of controller surfaces on the market today have one big drawback – they have a fixed layout and size for their faders and buttons. Entrackment takes advantage of the multi touch screen of iPad and adapts the interface for different tasks and setups.