Apple’s future secret plans revealed? iPhone 5, iPhone Nano, iPad 2 and 3, new Apple TV, new MacBook Air

As rumors multiply in anticipation of Apple’s March 2nd event we see the full 2011 pipeline of Apple products being listed and lots of details leaking about each of these products. This doesn’t really sound like Apple does it?

Still, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the Daily Mail, eastern manufacturers, and more of those anonymous sources are claiming to know details of a number of future products in Apple’s plans. Here’s a brief roundup…

iPhone 5, Huge and Nano

The new iPhone will supposedly come in two sizes, to fit all pockets. The standard iPhone will be dubbed as a high end product and will feature a larger screen (4 inches) to compete with the latest Android based high-end offerings.

There’s something wrong in thinking of a larger screen to maintain the current Retina Display resolution after all the marketing buzz they did, would it be acceptable to just lower the DPI on the next generation iPhone?

The Nano iPhone should be smaller and cheaper. Two things that nowadays do not really go together. With most of the internal space in the current iPhone 4 taken by the battery, and the economy of scale obtained by Apple on the display production, will a smaller custom screen, a smaller form factor and a smaller battery make for a cheaper product?

To me this is very unlikely.

What we know for sure is that the iPhone 5 will feature a better camera, a new generation of CPU and GPU (it always does, doesn’t it?) — The new CPU will be the successor to Apple’s custom silicon “A4” and the new GPU will “kick ass” — and that a new iOS will power it, introducing at least one cool major feature that will wow the audience.

Rumors see the release of the long awaited voice-based interface thanks to which you can ask your iPhone to search for something nearby, book tickets, reserve restaurants etc. in the next iteration of iOS. This would close a gap and bring the iPhone finally leaps and bounds ahead on Android, that as far as voice control is concerned, is better equipped out of the box.

iPad 2 and 3

The iPad 2 might be announced as soon as March 2nd in a special event Apple is holding. The rumors on the new device have been just as wild as the ones related to the iPhone 5: smaller screens? SD card slots? USB to replace the universal dock connector? direct HDMI output? Retina display with 2x the resolution as the current iPad?…

Very unlikely.

What we do know is that the iPad 2 will feature the same CPU/GPU combo as the iPhone 5, it will be slightly lighter thanks to some new materials, it will have a better speaker. The iPad 2 will also very likely feature a front facing camera to support FaceTime.

There are rumors Apple is already working on the iPad 3, but at this stage any rumor on what it will feature over the iPad 2 is pure speculation.

New Apple TV

At some point the Apple TV will feature Apps. It will have the same CPU/GPU combo as the iPad and iPhone 5 (as the components scale to cover more devices, the manufacturing costs will eventually drop).

At some point in 2011 Apple will unleash its cloud based service: will its purpose be to keep the full library of a user ready to stream to his iDevices? Will it serve for an all-you-can-eat subscription like Netflix’s?

What kind of “controllers” will Apple provide along with the Apple TV?
Perhaps you will be able to use your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad as a touch controller to the Apple TV — but this would be likely a half-baked experience.

Will the next Apple TV include bluetooth to connect with “more traditional” wireless controllers?

New MacBooks

The new MacBooks are out, and the Mac OS X Lion beta is as well. What were only rumors a few days ago have now set a clear path for Apple in the “desktop” market.

The next generation of Macs will be always-on, always-with-you, always-connected devices with an iOS look and feel — multitouch gestures are on the rise in the new beta and have also been showcased in a recent videos.

The next MacBook Air will likely see the removal of everything but the Thunderbolt port on its side, perhaps in a mag-safe format, from which it will get power, video, audio and data in/out capabilities, allowing for an even lighter, slimmer form factor.

The new MacBook Air will be even lighter, even more powerful and it will feature a full-size keyboard.

This is all pretty obvious huh?
But then if this is at the end of the day all we know ahead of an Apple event, why do we still follow through all those crazy rumors? :)