iBoobs banned from the App Store: no more sexy ladies (or men) on the iPhone.

iPhone-Bans-Boobs-5000-appsWith iPhone OS 3.0, Apple added an age rating system for applications. This not only allowed parents to set appropriate application access for their families, but also opened up the potential for developers to release applications with more adult-oriented content, until Apple received “numerous complaints” from users asking for the “Wobble iBoobs” app to be removed from the App Store.

Developer ChilliFresh, creator of the offending application which has been removed from the App Store last week, claimed that a discussion with Apple revealed the company removed more than 5,000 “overtly sexual” applications from the App Store. However, other adult oriented content, such as the official 99 cent Playboy app, remains for sale.

The developer, ChilliFresh, claimed that an Apple representative said images of both women and men in bikinis are inappropriate, as are words that have a sexual connotation. Apple allegedly is not allowing applications that can be “sexually arousing,” or that imply sexual content.

That number was supported by tracking from AppShopper.com, which found that more that nearly 4,000 applications were removed last Friday, Feb. 18. The total number of removed applications is said to have amounted to roughly 3 percent of the entire App Store.