Interface Builder not in sync with Xcode: can’t see images classes and project status is yellow or gray

Ever since upgrading Apple’s iPhone SDK to 3.2 beta and 3.2 final now, I started experiencing this issue: Interface Builder (IB for friends) didn’t recognize, show or list the images in “nib” files associated to an Xcode project.

Other symptom of the problem is Interface Builder not being kept in sync with an Xcode project when adding or altering outlets and actions and then do a Save.

The solution is bizarre and makes me think there’s been a total lack of care from Apple in releasing this XCode as a final version…

Here is the solution: instead of opening your project from Xcode (using File – Open or the new recent projects window), open it by double clicking it in the Finder.

When you open Interface Builder you should see that the status bar light is now green. I am not sure even why this is working, but it is reported as the solution by multiple sources and it worked great for me as well.