iPad & iPhone GUI User Interface Elements for Photoshop Prototyping

ipad-gui-prototyping-in-photoshopWe discussed in the past what are the best tools out there to create mock-ups for an iPhone application storyboard — a document that describes the app flow and the desired user interaction that will get you much closer to prototyping.

A few days since the iPad has been shown in public for the first time and the iPhone SDK with the iPad simulator has been released, the first Photoshop (PSD) library of GUI (User Interface) elements has surfaced on the web…

Application prototyping is an important part of the software design process. It’s the first stop in which you layout a rough user interface and define the basics of user interaction you expect from your iPhone app. The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch are all about user experience. For this reason we often spend a little additional time to get high quality wireframing before we get to the actual design and development process.

Read our post about this topic or download the iPad GUI PSD.