iPhone “4G”: new features, new colors, new OS

The new iPhone is expected to be announced in a few days at Apple’s WWDC. This time there’s a lot known and just a little unknowns, since a prototype iPhone was “found in a bar” and sold to Gizmodo earlier this year.

The next generation iPhone is expected to feature: front-facing video chat camera, improved back-camera with flash, micro-SIM instead of standard SIM (like the iPad), increased screen resolution (960×640?) and a new design. Photos of a white version (both back and forth panels) surfaced recently.

The device is likely to feature Apple’s A4 CPU or some other Apple custom designed silicon, providing a significant increase in horsepower and it will likely ship with the new iPhone OS 4.

iPhone OS 4 features multitasking, folders, a new version of mail, iBooks, and over 100 new user features that still have to be unveiled.

People has gone nuts about the new device as more and more details then anyone would care about are being discussed around the globe, such as the new iPhone battery specs (the new battery is rated at 5.25 Watthours, compared to the previous iPhone 3GS’ 4.51Wh battery, a 16.5% increase in delivered storage).