Model-View-Controller (MVC) in iPhone OS 3 thanks to Core Data

core data mvc framework for iphone

By managing your application’s data model for you, Core Data significantly reduces the amount of code you have to write for your application.

The Core Data framework (CoreData.framework) is a technology for managing the data model of a Model-View-Controller application. Core Data is intended for use in applications where the data model is already highly structured. Instead of defining data structures programmatically, you use the graphical tools in Xcode to build a schema representing your data model. At runtime, instances of your data-model entities are created, managed, and made available through the Core Data framework.

If you are starting to develop a new application or are planning a significant update to an existing application, you should consider using Core Data. For an example of how to use Core Data in an iPhone application, see Core Data Tutorial for iPhone OS. For more information about the classes of the Core Data framework, see Core Data Framework Reference.