No more film-based screen protectors from Apple branded stores

“Apple has said that it will remove both film-only solutions from its stores, as well as any case or other accessory that includes film protection as part of its package, such as cases that include film screen protectors,” according to the report by iLounge.

In usual Apple fashion, the company is not disclosing the reason behind its decision. One film vendor suggested the ban may be an attempt by electronics maker to better promote the durability of its display screens, this despite widespread reports of scratches appearing quite easily on its handheld offerings for years.

According to Appleinsider, “beginning with the release of the iPhone 3GS last June, Apple also debuted an oil-based, “fingerprint-resistant” oleophobic coating on the handset which is rendered useless if a protective film is adhered on top of it.” So it’s possible that plans for more widespread use of this technology across all of Apple’s offerings could also serve as a reason for the ban. Still I won’t leave my 3GS without a soft cover and a screen protector anytime soon. My screen protector is effectively working in avoiding scratches caused by keys or accidental falls so why should I risk?