Surgeworks' eCommerce team leader to open the Web: Startegy Conference in Zagreb, Croatia

tomislav-opening-web-strategy-conference-in-zagrebTomislav Bilic will open the 7th edition of the Web Conference: Startegy in Zagreb, Croatia on March 18, 2010.

Web Conference: Strategy 7 – “Good developer spirit” includes educational lectures, directly and indirectly related to the web development thematic by lecturers who will educate participants on how to improve their knowledge and working environment in their company. The conference will be divided into development and technological issues, and will be the word on access to web development of experienced web professionals who will reveal some of their small business secrets. Also, as part of the conference will be held the ceremony of the Golden Web Award: Strategy.

Tomislav is the founder of the Osijek based Inchoo Ltd — Surgeworks’ eCommerce team. At the Web: Strategy conference he will hold the lecture “Don’t be a ghost (spirit)! Be a giraffe!”

The theme of this Web: Strategy is “good developer spirit” (the same word in croatian is used for “ghost” and “spirit”). Every participant will more or less be part of the development world. In these times recession makes it increasingly difficult to find a job and the effectiveness of a company presentation plays a very important part.

To have a “good developer spirit” is a necessity to become a good developer. However, once one becomes a good developer, the challenge is selling one’s knowledge. Developers often do not like sales because they think only about the traditional methods. This talk will try to expand the horizons on the most effective ways to handle sales and marketing of development services.

“What are the best ways?”: This topic will explain the necessity of specialization in the area where you perform better than your competitors. That will be the basis of your offer.

“Methods for a successful sale”: BLOG. Having a static page of the company is past! A blog where you write about your challenges and solutions in the work you’re doing today will attract people with similar interests. Most of your visitors will be web developers like you, but a part will be potential customers that will contact you with bidding requests. The combination of your own web presence — blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, job portals, professional forums and others — is the most effective way to create a marketing tool that generates a small business with moderate activity and low costs.

“What if you can not handle more work?” When the scope of work becomes too large, it is time for expansion. It can run in several directions, which will Tomislav educate all participants at the lecture.

“Why a giraffe?” The giraffe is tall. Everyone can see it. It’s high above all, elegant, and can reach the finest leaves from the trees. And on top of all that, you don’t get the feeling life is hard for giraffes.

Read more about the conference on its official website.