If Apple is the new IBM, then Google is the new Microsoft?

Google Search, Google Ads, Google Phones, Google Browser, Google Netbooks, Google Tablets, Google TVs, then what? Vic Gundotra, vice president of engineering for Google, suggested during Google I/O conference that Google’s entrance into the mobile phone market was a move meant to directly oppose the likes of Apple and its tightly controlled iPhone platform. “If […]

Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to gain multitasking and over 100 new user features this summer

Steve made it again. As Microsoft is going to “copy” Apple’s iPhone banning multitasking for 3rd parties apps, the “most advanced mobile OS in the world” makes another leap forward adding a multitasking implementation that provides a “multitasking experience” to users while preserving battery life. The new release adds 7 services for developers that allow […]