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NSMutableDictionary simplicity

As you all know an NSDictionary object stores a mutable set of entries. An NSDictionary is immutable. If you need a dictionary which you can change, then you should use NSMutableDictionary. NSMutableDictionary is a subclass of NSDictionary, so that you can do with an NSMutableDictionary everything which you can do with a simple NSDictionary plus, you can modify it.

iPad Characteristics

This is abstract about key iPad features and characteristics. Here you can learn few differences between iPhone and iPad phenomenon. :) Split view – you can use this iPad-only element to display more than one view onscreen at a time, such as to present data in a master-detail or source list–style arrangement. The split view is…

Two great API’s for your iPhone app!

If you want to ensure best user experience for your app users you just must integrate this two API in your app. First of two is Get Satisfaction iPhone API. Satisfaction Remote Component enables iPhone developers to embed support for Get Satisfaction within their apps. This works somewhat like the “Feedback” widget on many websites…