Apple Tablet coming in 2010, focus on e-books and games

Apple-FutureAs reported by rumors sites, Apple is hiring top level iPhone games developers. People expect Apple to get into the games market on the iPhone platform and this is very likely. Apple also reportedly partnered with several mainstream magazines to create a new subscription based iTunes marketplace tailored to the press.

It is also likely that the new software will be designed to work with the new tablet device Jobs has been working on for a few years now. Apple has learned that games are a great sale point thanks to the iPod touch success, labeled officially as the funniest iPod ever, and is probably going to give potential customers some good reasons to purchase the new tablet thanks to new, amazing software and games.

Nothing is still officially confirmed. In fact, Apple has disclosed contrasting information to decieve the press and analysts, in an effort to keep the hype and to delay competitors to catch up. For example, in a couple of notes reported that upper managemet at Apple is not happy with the success of their iPhone OS devices in gaming, since their aim was the business/enterprise market. Another note highlighted how the meetings with top level magazine publishers were just for orientaion and did not result in any strategic partnership.

One thing is sure: we can expect an exciting 2010.