Toneaphone iPhone ringtones App highlights: 3D interface, Core Data, Server Component

toneaphone-ringtones-iphone-app-blogToneaphone is one of the greatest and most unique mobile media companies you’ll find out there. They are the first company in the App Store to compose original songs as ringtones, feature corresponding Album Artwork, and have created a vast collection of over 100 original ringtones to choose from, of all genres.

The iPhone native app Surgeworks designed and developed had about 200 downloads in the first week, and was positively received by bloggers and reviewers on YouTube. It also got about a dozen five star reviews on the App Store and got ranked 30th in Italy for the Entertainment category in the same time frame.

The custom native iPhone app allows users to browse a Core Data powered database through a 3D tag cloud. The Tag Cloud uses Open GL ES and is built dynamically. A more classic list view is also provided.

The iPhone app allows users to set their e-mail address and it posts requests for ringtones to a web component, which will send the email and return the result to the iPhone App. This all happens in a handful of seconds.

The database has been populated through a web interface written in Ruby on Rails. The Rails app exports data in XML, that is then imported by a parser on the iPhone in order to allow Core Data to generate its own database structure based on the models.

If you are using an iPod Touch, the web component will recognize that and will send the link to an MP3 file instead, that users can add to their iTunes Music Library and use as a ringtone on any recent mobile phone.

We also created a simple screencast video and packaged it into the app to show users how to get the ringtone and synch it to the iPhone, since the process involves using iTunes and eMail on a desktop computer. In fact, Apple’s public API still does not allow for a ringtone to be downloaded and assigned directly form the device.

The Toneaphone iPhone App has gone live just a week ago in the App Store, and is still in special launch offer… so go get your copy now!…

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