Apple's reviews system on the App Store is unfair?

Screenshot 2009.09.30 18.35.47If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch you know how it works. You get to the App Store, you browse around, find an interesting app, check on the reviews… purchase and boom, you have a new app on your device.

But what happens next?

You try out the iPhone Native application and if you like it, you keep it on your device. You will never be prompted to submit your likely positive review to the App Store. Basically, you must love the application so much that you will think “wow, now I will go on the App Store and write a positive review to recommend this app to everyone!”

This is very rare in my opinion because what you are more likely to do is to tell your friends rather than actually leave a review through the iPhone and if you’re like me, you’ll never do that through iTunes! ;)

So, what happens if you don’t like the App?
Obvious: you’ll remove that. And what happens at that point?

YES! Here’s the thing!
Apple will ask you what you think of the app and propose you to rate it!

Bottom line: negative reviews are much more likely to be posted to the App Store than positive ones.
Does Apple take this in account when it shows the overall App rating on the store?

UPDATE: check how we solved this issue and get the full source code to add this feature to your own app!