Emulators on iPhone, C64 coming to the App Store

A Commodore 64 emulator that was previously rejected has been approved after the developer made changes to align it with Apple’s SDK. Then rejected again. Manomio’s $4.99 C64 title was rejected in June despite having lined up all the proper licensing rights.

The sticking point for Apple appeared to have be the inclusion of the Commodore BASIC 2.0 interpreter, which would enable the app to execute arbitrary code. The iPhone 2.0 SDK specifically limited apps from containing executable runtimes in a clause.

The app was finally approved a few days ago. Unfortunately, yesterday Apple has pulled the C64 Application from their store as it was discovered by some users that it was possible to enable the Basic program through the interface. The developer have now fixed the issue and the application has been re-submitted for approval by Apple.