iTunes Connect: Chrome works better than Safari

Every time I get to upload an update to one of our iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps, I get frustrated by a number of things within iTunes Connect ( In this post I want to focus on the total lack of feedback on the upload progress of the app binaries.

In Safari the spinner on the “Upload Binary” page can mean anything: is my app uploading or is the browser just hanging? Should I hit Cancel and retry?… Dory would say “just keep spinning”…

In total frustration, while uploading (supposedly, at least) one of the binaries with Apple’s Safari was taking forever, I opened Chrome to upload another one (never try to upload different binaries on the same browser, there are chances you’ll get descriptions messed up).

And there I got this nice text in the status bar (bottom left) telling me “Uploading (47%)…” and then 75% and then 93%… wow Google Chrome is actually telling me what is going on while iTunes Connect web app hans’t a clue!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome my new web browser of choice when dealing with iTunes Connect: Google Chrome!… much better then Safari at that.