Learn & Improve your Vocabulary in 5 Languages with Letter Blocks 3D on your iPhone, iPod and iPad

A great update to our word game was released yesterday. The new Letter Blocks 3D is faster and got optimized to run great even on older devices. Be sure to check out our FREE Christmas edition as well!

Letter Blocks is an educational game series that is fun and enjoyable for all the family: an addicting word game to test your vocabulary skills in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish! Letter Blocks is CHALLENGING, FRENZIED or RELAXING thanks to its 3 GAME MODES… Read on to learn more!

Want a great WORD CHALLENGE? Try STORY MODE: an increasingly challenging game with 15 increasingly challenging levels. Don’t let the board fill in or you’ll loose the game!

Want the ultimate WORD COMPOSITING FRENZY? Freestyle in a random world in the fast-paced ARCADE MODE. The higher you score, the faster blocks will fall on the board. How long will you last?

Feeling in a more RELAXED MOOD? Take your time while you solve the words puzzle in CLEAR THE BOARD MODE: clean up a board full of blocks without shaking the device to get more blocks to enter the global high scores!

Explore 5 immersive scenarios including Picnic, Casino and Kindergarden with an original soundtrack for each world; play 3 action-packed, challenging game modes for an endless word-compositing fun!



• Score higher thanks to longer words, multiplier blocks, chain and time bonuses
• Experience the beauty of 5 scenarios original soundtrack
• Compete with friends and rank agains global high scores through Open Feint
• Test your skills in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian


Story Mode

An increasingly challenging game with 15 levels and a different target for each level. Reach the target score or compose the number of words required to complete the level before the time runs out! Conquer all 5 Letter Block Worlds by completing the 15 levels in one game. Don’t let the board fill in or you’ll loose the game!

Arcade Mode

Freestyle in a random world. The higher you score, the faster blocks will fall on the board. How long will you last? Challenge the your friends to beat your high score through the Open Feint gaming network!

Clear the Board

Look! A board full of blocks! Can you clean it up without shaking the device to get more blocks? Achieve that to enter the global high scores for this game mode!


Dreaming of an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad word game that lets you manipulate letters to compose words as you would do in real life with letter tiles of famous board games?
Enter Letter Blocks World.

At game start, you’ll be presented with a game board with “Letter Blocks” and a “dock” at the bottom of the screen. Drag blocks to the bottom of the screen to compose words; rearrange, add or remove blocks and hit SUBMIT when you’re saisfied with your word. The word will get highlighted when it is recognized.

You can also rearrange blocks ON THE BOARD to access Letter Blocks trapped below other blocks you don’t need for your word.

• Get a bonus for words longer then 5 letters: the longer the word, the higher the bonus.
• Compose a word with a SILVER or GOLD block to get your score multiplied by 2 or 3 times; use multiple silver and gold blocks to achieve a chain bonus (up to 27x your word score)!
• Use Jolly Blocks (the ones with an asterisk) to replace any letter you need. The Jolly will automatically recognize the missing letter and complete your word.
• Need more letters? Shake your device to get more blocks! The less blocks you have on the board, the more new blocks you’ll get.

Shaking your device is a great way to increase the game pace in Story Mode and Arcade Mode, especially for the skilled players.

In the “Clear the Board” game mode, though, you shouldn’t need any additional block to solve the puzzle… so expect a malus if you shake your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Letter Blocks World is available in the Apple Store!