The Secret of Monkey Island is: iPhone is faster than Wii

monkey-island-iphone-faster-then-wiiYes, you’ve read it well: for less then 10 USD, you get a revamped, redesigned, and reorchestrated Guybrush on your iPhone or iPod Touch. And you’re lucky to play it on the iPhone, because fans complained on the Telltale Games forums about the Wii versions’ framerate.

Telltale Games, which also worked on Sam and Max, Wallace and Gromit, and Monkey Island series, have reportedly suggested that Apple’s iPhone is more powerful than the Wii. The claim comes in response to criticism alleging “frame rate issues” with the WiiWare version of Tales of Monkey Island, a series of episodic adventures available for both Windows and Wii.What surprised the most, is what a Telltale developer said in response to the complains:

“[…] The Wii is just not a powerful console. An iPhone is much more powerful than a Wii, even […] The Wii and DS are extremely underpowered and their popularity doesn’t remove the hardware limitations.” In addition, he commented that he couldn’t think of a Wii console game that was free from lag, and blamed the lack of RAM compared to an iPhone to be the biggest issue.

There’s a lot of buzz around these claims, but no real benchmark have surfaced yet. It looks like the real limitations are not in the hardware itself, rather lay in the WiiWare distribution system limitations.

In the meantime, here is the official trailer for the game.