What if there is no Apple Tablet?

Apple-FutureA few recent articles on various rumors sites made me think that in late January we may very well not see any Apple iSlate tablet-sized iPod-Touch-like or Mac-like device.

It is very likely that a new iPhone SDK will be introduced, and that this will allow iPhone Apps to support different screen resolutions. It is very likely that a 10-11″ OLED/LCD display based product will be introduced, but… it could be a peripheral to an existing iPhone instead of a full blown “Tablet PC”.

Rumors about a new, much more powerful iPhone model to debut in April complete the picture of a possible new iPhone to be demoed later this January together with this mystery iSlate peripheral.

The new iPhone would have a superior camera with LED flash and a bigger resolution, at least to match the Google Nexus One 480×800 screen.

Of corse, this is pure speculation, but I would not be surprised to be… surprised by Apple once again. :)